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Improve my review


Recently I get 2* review form one bad client. He accepted the order 14 days ago. Yesterday, he comes online and gives me the negative review which comes down my profile from 5* to 4.9* and my gig rating also decreasing from 5* to 4.8* :sob:
Now, my question is
#how can I remove the rating?
#If I cannot remove the rating, then how much order need to get back 5 rating?*


The best thing would be to explain whatever happened in a reply to his/her review.


I offered him unlimited revision but he did not take any revision . when i delivered it,some product had mistake. I told him, i solve themselves. But he accept the order and going to offline for 10/12 days. when he came online he gives me 2* feedback.


yes, you can explain it something like that in your reply to his review on your gig


There is nothing to do. If you offer buyer revision or refund fiverr will penalize you


yes, they always give priority ti buyer… now what will be the best siolution ?


Still now i do not give him any reply in this review… How much star i need to give in client rating ?


don’t be hopeless wish you all the best