Improve profile for get batter result


What should I do for batter order from buyer. I think my all gigs content are good. So need help to improve profile.


I think you need to improve your communication skills first.

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Thank you very much. But can you tell how can I get my gigs front of everyone?


taverr is right - your communication needs to be much better. For example, what is “with expensive experience” that you quote in your profile description? It doesn’t sound good for the customer.

This part from one of your gigs doesn’t flow well at all -

“I’m professional WordPress Specialist with expensive Experienced about WordPress. If you have any concern then don’t hesitate. Feel free ask me. I will be happy to more then assist you.”

I would say that this is the first place to start, then you can focus on more ways of promoting your gigs after that.


Many many thanks. Thank for your quote.