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Improve Seller's experience

I have few suggestions to improve the seller’s experience, I don’t know if Fiverr’s team do really takes seriously the suggestion on the forum, but I want to share it anyway.

Buyer Request (Seller Side):

  • Add Filters (Budget, number of offers, duration, country, the rank of the buyer, is or isn’t a previous client)
  • After the selection of the right gig (selection should not be automatic), the price should automatically change (increase/decrease) when adding extras, for example, if I want to offer a revision, the amount I already set on my gig should be automatically added.
  • Offer Description, please let me write a new line. Adding Bold and bullet list will be huge.
  • When the project got accepted by another seller, the request should be automatically removed from BR (BR is for Buyer request, not Battle Royal, pun intended)
  • If the buyer gets 10 offers, and declines 6 of them, I, as a seller, should see that the seller got 4 offers. Open room for more competition.
  • If my offer was not selected and the buyer hired another seller, please notify me that the project is no longer available.
  • Let me see the buyer’s profile, I don’t want to spend 15 minutes writing an offer and reviewing attached files for fraud. If you are afraid that sellers will contact buyers directly, I am sorry to tell you they already do, showing the name of the buyer on the mobile app and hide it on the desktop is not quite clever.


  • Some clients require a phone or video call, please add a built-in call option, for all sellers, no matter what rank they have.
  • Filter client messages too, don’t let them send their private contact to me.


  • One buyer should not order the same GIG more than once at a time, this loophole can destroy sellers.

Promoted Gigs:

  • If you offer me to promote my gigs, let me choose which gig I want to promote.
  • I should not pay by clicks, I should pay by orders.

Gig Metadata:

  • Let me add a new meta, not just suggest it.

Search tags:

  • Improve the use of search tags, I have “3D” and “Commercial” on my gig’s tag, surprisingly, the gig doesn’t show up on 5 pages when searching “3D commercial”.


  • Let me choose between using a video or a photo as primary.

Reviews as Seller:

  • Let me choose to show or hide the price of a completed project.

FINALLY, maybe, just maybe, consider projects paid per hour.

Thank you.


I agree with most of your suggestions.

What if the seller they first bought from doesn’t do the job well enough and/or the buyer wants to order from more than one seller?

Maybe if there was it would be good if the seller could disable that function. eg. the seller might want to decide for themselves what the offer price was, maybe giving a cheaper price per revision than they have in their gig packages/extras.

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Thank you for your info