Improve the algorithm


Please improve the demotion algorithm.
For instance, not every cancellation is the sellers fault.
Not every late delivery is the sellers fault.
If a buyer doesn’t send me the credentials I need to start working, leading to a late delivery. How does the system track that?

You can’t blame sellers only. Some buyers go silent after making an order.
Don’t show favoritism, be fair to both buyers and sellers. Don’t punish sellers for the buyers mistakes.
Don’t punish all sellers for the sin of few sellers.

Improve the algorithm to account for all factors.

Mod Note: Your comment was not about a bug. This has been moved to Site Suggestions.


Your observation is correct… we do not know the algorithm and it does not consider the buyers fault


Needs to improve. So many variables to account for.


I think the promotion/demotion algorithm is just fine. You just need to find ways to work within the new format. Fiverr is asking you to step up your game. Are you going to take up their challenge, or are you going to complain about things that aren’t going change until no one listens anymore.

UP your game. That’s how sellers succeed here on Fiverr.


Very apathetic sentiments. Not motivating.


Very well. I shall remain highly motivated for the both of us, then. I would hope the nice soft comfy seat that you are resting upon provides relaxation while the hard-working Fiverr world passes you by. :wink: