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Improve the mutual cancelation system



I’ve always been quite happy with Fiverr and with its support team. A few days ago, however, something happened to me which I still can’t get over. I have over 250 positive reviews (256 to be exact), 329 completed gigs and 0 negative reviews. Things were going great for me on Fiverr and I was a level 2 seller for quite a while, which I was really happy about. A few days ago though, I had the pleasure of having to deal with 3 people who either can’t read or don’t bother to read the description of my gig.

I translate from German to English or vice versa. In my description, I clearly wrote that people should only order 2 gigs max (1000 words) and if they need more then they should contact me first. Sometimes 10 people order multiple gigs at the same time and I can’t keep up with that since I only use Fiverr for side jobs. Therefore, I had to change my description. Anyways, I sent a mutual cancellation request to the three buyers who ordered multiple gigs at once and they accepted the mutual cancellation. The next day I received 2 Emails at once from the Fiverr support team in which I was informed that my Level 2 and my Level 1 badges have been removed from my profile (along with all of my gig extras).

Personally, I don’t think this is fair at all since I clicked on mutual cancellation and not force cancellation. I was told it would not affect my rating in any way. Yes, I had to cancel three gigs in one day but it wasn’t my fault. The people who purchased my gigs either sent me a document which contained 2000 words and only paid for 1000 or they just asked a question and instead of clicking on “ask a question”, clicked on order. So, what I am trying to say is that if someone on Fiverr got on my nerves or who I just didn’t like because they had better reviews than me, then I could order from them and not respond which would force the seller to cancel my gig and then I could do it two more times and then the person will be set back to level 0 for nothing. Just because someone felt like messing with them? I think this should be fixed. After all, I have a lot of positive reviews, no negative reviews, I have completed 329 gigs and only cancelled about 10% because people didn’t bother to read my description or sent me texts in a language that not even the smartest person in the world could understand. I completed more than I have cancelled. I just think that it’s unfair to people like me to be set back to level 0 because of other people who fail to stick to the rules.


Actually you might want to contact CS. That doesn’t seem to be an excessive number. It may have been a glitch, this has happened before. You wouldn’t be the only one. Please note, I’m not saying it is a glitch, just that people have lost all their levels only to find it was an error.


I am sorry this happened to you and know that I looked at your gig and you have 5 in queue so I am sure you will get your level status back sooner than later. My suggestion to you is to increase your turnaround time then if someone orders multiple gigs you have longer time to deliver the product. Good luck in 2013


Wow, that’s crazy. Definitely contact CS. There’s no way in, you know what, I would allow them to do that and not fight for my status to be restored. Good luck. Hope things get resolved soon.