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Improve the upload service

I’ve been on Fiverr for years, I’m a musician. Some of my clients request delivery of projects with the stems. They are generally very heavy, and the truth is I want to ask the development department Why you guys are not looking for a way to ally with services like wetransfer.?
Generally, the amount of files that can be mounted is also very limited and for example I have a project with 50 files.
Am I supposed to spend hours trying to mount them?
How do we do if there are many?
Does Fiverr prefer that we use external services? why?

I await your comments!

Thank you

All blessings!


Yes the Fiverr limitation on file quantity can be problematic.When I find myself in a situation such as you describe I will ofte use Dropbox or google drive to deliver, and upon delivery I’ll send my client a link to the cloud folder.

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Hi James!
I’m in one complicate country so I know that here Internet is awful, but normally files have errors and suddenly all delivery fail…
The problem is that we use another service so Fiverr has no prove of your work.
I have now one customer who ask me again and again “Where are my files”? I have explained , I’m sorry I just use wetranfer because there are so many files…

Does this make sense? Fiverr is not a platform where heavy graphic work is mainly delivered? music? videos?
I think it’s time to improve this!

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If the buyer has difficulty retrieving the files you sent via 3rd party transfer site, than I’m afraid your only alternative is to upload the files via fiverr…10 at a time. I’ve been there…done that too. Good luck, and remember to keep your buyers satisfied!!