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Improve to become TRS

Hi, I was norminated to become TRS yesterday. After reviewing my account, Fiveer Team provided me a list of issues to improve (I remained at Level Two). Can anyone with experiences on this please help me to review the issues and my corrective actions to ensre I’m on the right way achieving the TRS level? Thank you very much for your support.

  1. Review your Gig to make sure it’s accurate, and that you’re offering things you can deliver at a high quality.

I’m currenly providing 3 services (translation, voice over and market research) with a total of 8 gigs. I will review each gig content to make sure it’s accurate.

  1. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.

For each service, I’m currrenly providing two diffrent gigs. I will pause one and remain only one gig.

  1. Review your pricing and make sure it’s aligned with your offering.

I’m not clear what it means…Can anyone please provide an example of it? Thank you.

  1. Make sure you represent yourself and your skills accurately.

I will revise my profle description so it present exactly myself

  1. Communicate clearly and quickly, both when chatting in the inbox or during orders.

My response time is 1 hour. I think this is pretty good since I live in Asian, most of my client live in USA or Europe which has diffrent time zone. They often message while I’m sleeping…Not sure how long Fiveer expects the TRS to repsond to the client?

  1. Make sure you keep our community safe by following our TOS.

I have not had any TOS violation in the last two months…But it the last three months I had two TOS violations…Not sure how long Fiveer will refresh the TOS violations…

Thank you very much for your help. I really want to work to become a TRS on Fiveer…

Not sure but I think the reason should be TOS violation.

Having recent TOS violations may be a contributing factor, but TRS is a competitive program and you may not be promoted even if you’re doing everything “right.”


Thank you for your advise…

Thank you for your advise

Thanks for your great tips.

Take a closer look to your Gigs.

I will translate 1,000 words from english into vietnamese is duplicated.
There is a minimal difference in the descriptions and the picture is different, apart from this you have two identical Gigs and this is not allowed.

I will deliver a high quality english to vietnamese translation is basically the same thing, only the pricing is different.

I will research vietnamese market and more contains a reference to a inexistent Gig.

Misspelled words in your pictures:

  • Acurate (accurate)
  • Proffessional (professional)
  • Vietnamse (vietnamese)

There is hope for us. There’s got to be.


Hi, thank you very much for looking detailed at the gig…I will revised accordingly…

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@letoan It is template message, Me too got nominated for TRS and got same message yesterday.
This is how they say no :wink:

Ahh there must be a true reason behind it…anyway all what we can do is to improve according to the list?

Well, the truth is:
Everyone who is nominated for TRS and isn’t promoted to TRS gets exactly the same email with 100% same suggestions. So these suggestions/tips are not specifically written for you and thus may not entirely fit your case. These are standard tips to achieve the level but even if you entirely fulfill these 6 conditions, you are not guaranteed to get the TRS badge. There seems to be a lot of other factors to be considered while promoting a seller to this level.

I heard many sellers claiming that Average Selling price is also a key factor in getting the TRS level. It must be very high as compared to your competitors. (I am not sure if it’s 100% true. Just mentioning a popular perception.)


Thank you for your information. I didn’t know it…Ahh just try and see what they suggest next time…

Next time? You will get the EXACTLY SAME response (if you don’t improve overall) even if you are going to be nominated for 10th time lol. The bitter truth :expressionless:

:frowning: …This is the first experience for me

Don’t disappoint. It’s hard but not impossible. Keep trying and one day you will get it :wink:

yes you’re right! Thank you!