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Improve your Fiverr gig!

Need direct help when it comes to improving your gig? Want to know exactly where you are coming up short?

I offer a customised service, detailing how to improve your specific gig - providing actionable advice with proven results.

It’s good you are providing tips for newbies whilst creating a reputation for yourself, very nice :slight_smile:

this guy have awesome gigs …you should order from him…

So happy I ordered this gig! Implemented some of the changes already and seeing results! I would recommend.

this guy have awesome gigs …you should order from him…

So happy I ordered this gig! Implemented some of the changes already and seeing results! I would recommend.

All I can say is WOW!!! I just got the gig results and I was blown away. I knew my gig was not perfect, hence I ordered expert analysis. The results were phenomenal. The analysis was very professional. It told me what I did well and what I could do to improve the rest. Not just tell, it showed me improvement areas. I cannot recommend this gig enough. I am working on making the changes and can’t wait to see the results! If you sell on Fiverr, you need to buy this gig.

This was so great. I am a newbie seller, so it was so helpful to have a top rated seller help me succeed. Thanks for sharing the love TwistedWeb123! :)>-

Great results and quite thorough! Thank you for all of your tips! I can’t wait to implement them 8->

As a newbie, coming to Fiverr you really do need direction. And Adam is the one to seek out. Thanks, it’s like having been handed a GPS in the Fiverr Jungle. Thanks a bunch!! :smiley:

Not just for newbies. I am a top rated seller who has been successful of Fiverr for a couple of years now. I ordered Twisted Web’s “improve your Fiverr gig” because even though I get quite a few orders already, I want to do more. Let me tell you, I am delighted with the thoughtful advice provided by this seller. Adam obviously took the time necessary to study my page and offered useful, actionable suggestions. If you are less than 100% convinced that your gig page is as good as it can be, try this out. I predict you will be amazed at what you receive for the cost of only a single Fiverr.

I loved working with TwistedWeb123 and I’ll most certainly buy from him again. He was extremely detailed and focused on specific actions I needed to take in order to improve my results in a clear and concise manner. Even after our session he followed up and gave me a few nuggets of wisdom. Really a phenomenal seller and educator that seems to genuinely care about helping you achieve success.

Best ever gig on fiverr. Also got a bonus from him which is more valuable than anything else. That’s all about improving fiverr sales and optimizing gigs. I’m glad I found Adam’s gig and I will implement the ideas he gave me and I’m pretty sure I will succeed with his guidance.

Thank you very much!

I think every seller should buy this gig! :slight_smile:

Adam gave me a lot of really detailed informations and suggested various improvements I never thought about! ^:)^

While reading his paper I was thinking “wow, he is completely right, I must follow his guidelines!”.

His reputation and TRS badge are absolutely deserved, his service is amazing!

I cannot thank him enough, really! =D>

Absolutely fantastic gig. The seller delivered a complete, detailed, clear, thorough, and most importantly, actionable analysis of my fiverr gig. This is a true steal for $5. The quality of his work is top notch.

Gained one sale the following day just by implementing two of the many simple suggestions. Would recommend.

Fiverr should hire you because I can’t even find basic support. I may be your next victim, er customer! LOL

Sounds like a great gig! I may have to purchase it soon.

Reply to @felicia13: I’d be happy to help if you want to shoot me a message!

Reply to @writingmimi: Thank you, I hope I can help you out soon :slight_smile: