Improve your gig description now (increase sales)


+20 Years Online Marketing

My picture in my gig profile was taken by myself on April 9, 2018, it is $53,496 (and 14 cents).
That is my pay for 3 months of working solely on the internet.
I can help teach you how to do that.
I work hard, I work long hours, I don’t take breaks, I don’t rest.
The true entrepreneurs sacrifice their life, their family, their health for the craft.

I will come to your Gig Description and perform a professional gig critique on your gig description as described below:

What does a web surfer see when he comes to your Fiverr Gig Description such as:

#1. Is your Gig Description confusing? (Many gigs cannot convert because they are confusing and not built for the end customer, this is VERY important to your gig!)

#3. Too much content, too little content? (Some gigs have too much content in their description!)

#4. Is the copy good? (Do you use effective wording on your pages)

#5. Are your words spelled correctly and do you use correct grammar in your gig description?

#6. Are you using the correct keywords in your gig description and where are they placed?

I will fix all errors that I see :slight_smile: