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Improve your GIG Impression and click

Making your Gig more attractive for potential buyers is always a good way to ensure more views and sales. As I understand how important it is to have many sales I would like to offer a few tips:

  1. Add videos to your Gig that show what buyers can expect from your service in more detail.

  2. Write a clear description of your service.
    Try Fiverr “Learn” to expand your skills and to stand out in our marketplace. For more information.

  3. Share your Gig on social media

  4. Active Fiverr and Fiverr Forum…


As many experienced users on the Forum have already repeated, staying online on the Forum will NOT help you.

The Forum is on a completely different platform, so it’s not directly related to the Fiverr site.

Although advertising your gig on the Forum may get you more clicks, clicks don’t matter unless you can convert them into orders, which probably won’t happen on the Forum as it’s mostly filled with sellers, not buyers.