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Improve your graphics abilities


Are you a graphics designer? Let’s share experience and help one another by teaching and sharing helpful resources to keep the spirit and motivation going. Who’s with me?


Please be mindful of where you post. Your post was moved to Conversations.

:pushpin:The Events category is primary for staff and moderator use and contains links to the official Fiverr podcasts, live events, community events, etc. There are subcategories where comments are welcome, but in general events should be cleared with Fiverr before being announced in this category.


I’m not a designer :sunglasses:


Poor me :disappointed_relieved:


Am sorry about that, but where is the link to the conversation area your forwarded to?


Here it is:


The conversation forum area isn’t to be used for spam - you can only advertise you Fiverr gigs in the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section.