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Improve your sells


Hello Doers! These days are hard for everyone depends on Fiverr Search Placement Algorithm Update. Everyday i’m reading topics about how can i improve my sells, you have to do it yourself and you have to work harder. First of all you have to use all ways promoting your gigs. If you graphic designer start sharing your works in social media, my advice instagram and use related hashtags, don’t forget to add your link in bio or under the post, use buyer requests, every day check buyer requests and never be afraid difficult projects, just trust yourself. Be active in fiverr forum. Don’t forgot that you have to get traffic to improve your impressions, clicks etc. So every people who will see your projects on social media they will click on your fiverr account link and you will get impressions. This is really hard time for every seller you can get place which other sellers can’t get. Don’t forget that fiverr for Doers, so it’s time to Do something. Good Luck! :slight_smile: