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Improved gig creation

Hello friends.I wrote a while ago that I had not received any gig orders since I registered fully on Fiverr.Now,I have improved on my gig creation.So,I expect more clicks and better patronage this time and not just buyers requests alone pouring in.I expect to read from viewers and potential buyers asap.Thanks.Mary


Congrats on improving your gig! I gotta say, however, that

is a little demanding even if your gig is monumentally better than it was previously.

I’m a little confused by your pricing. Why is a 500 word article twice the price of a 400 word article, and a 600 word article twice that price?

Also, your two gigs are basically the same thing, so I don’t understand why you need separate gigs for that.

I’d say that if you’re an article writer, why not expand on additional writing gigs? Offer to write articles on different topics, or perhaps offer to write an article on anything. Writing about video clips seems very specific, and perhaps not that likely to draw in potential buyers.


Thanks,Somaginer1996.To quickly answer your questions,I am a new seller on Fiverr and this is just my starting point.I will make amends with regards the irregularities in pricing.Again,there appears to be a lot of sellers writing articles on Fiverr platform and this has brought about my narrowing my gig to this specific one.I can write articles on quite a number of topics and i hope to create more gigs.Fiverr is an accommodating platform and it has great potential to attract and retain buyers and sellers.Thanks****[inappropriate sales content removed, user flagged and warned]***************************************************************

@marymary2 This forum category is called IMPROVE MY GIGS and is NOT for selling or self-promotion. Other users tried to help you with your gig problems and it is very inappropriate to ask them if they want to order just because they tried to help you. Your above post will be edited and do NOT approach forum users to promote your gig again.

Your expectation is inaccurately placed. Viewers in Improve my Gigs are mostly sellers who may try to help you with your gigs, but have zero obligation to you. Potential buyers are rarely in this forum category and are in the minority on the forum. You need to promote yourself in appropriate places and adjust your expectations.


That actually wasn’t my question. I was confused as to why adding a hundred words in the gig package meant tripling the price when the original was $5 per 400 words. How much it’s worth doesn’t really matter in this case; keeping your price per word count consistent does.

Thanks.Your observation is noted.

Thanks.I will make amends with regards the irregularities in pricing.

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