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Improved my clicks

I followed a suggestion and changed my gigs taglines. It really works and my clicks improved


woah, so how do you fine the perfect taglines for your gigs? @abdulrauf215

Tried myself different taglines and fixed on my gigs

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I did this also, It works but still didn’t get any message or order. What can I do now?

Ahhh same here buddy
But I wish I will get orders soon
I wish for you too buddy to get orders soon

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Thanks @abdulrauf215 . I hope so.

same toooo me ,what should we do?

if you try to change your tags time by time so it will take long time to update your gig and even you may get down.

Do you mean the tag at the bottom?

Yes, tags at the bottom, gigs tags.

Yep, the tags at the bottom of the gig. that will make you disappoint when you change tags ever day, week once you put then never change it till if your gig is going down automatically after couple of months.

Hi, I am also new here and i face the same problem…
No Order, No clicks.Even impression goes down day by day

First you didn’t write about-us description you need to improve it.


  • Share you gig everywhere as it possible.

If your gigs not getting impressions, click each recreate your gigs. Save your gigs description and use them in your new gig. It will boost like new gigs. Offer some unique service as you are an illustrator offer gigs on that skill.

@zaiba202 what to do with the old one gig ? Delete it

@dev_sal Thank you brother

Yes delete them. Wish you best of the luck.

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