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Improvement earning etc

Hello there !
I’m a new member in fiverr , anyone suggest me who can improve my skills earning for is flatforme.
thank you


Hello @shaplaa ,
Welcome to fiverr and Fiverr forum.
Wish you a good luck here. Keep patience. You will be the best :revolving_hearts:
Remain online as much as you can. Try to reply buyer’s message as soon as you can.
Send 10 buyer request everyday. Hope that you can achieve your goal.
Thank you.

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thank you so much for your valuable suggest .I try to my best .
& wish for you from core of my heart. :heart:

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Welcome to the fiverr community @shaplaa :bouquet: All the best

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I think you have serious problem in your gig. Did you use someone else’s work on gig image ? Just googled your name card picture found exact same designs. Quickly change that into your original works. Btw being online doesn’t much affect anything.

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thank you , best regrets dear :heart:

Thanks for your important tips I’m trying to solve it.

Do no try, just remove as soon as possible. You can be banned from Fiverr permanently. That means you will never be able to sell on fiverr again.


Welcome to Fiverr.

Remember, Fiverr is just a platform. If you want to succeed, you need to expand your business and knowledge outside of Fiverr. If you make it a goal never to stop learning, you will remember that the journey is a series of new starts that make you wiser and stronger each time. In the past, knowledge was contained in books. Nowadays, knowledge is uploaded to the internet.

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