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Improvement for my gig and getting clients

Hello all! I am a newbie on freelancing platform and recently I created a gig on youtube thumbnail creation service. It’s about more than a week I created the gig. By looking at all other people’s gig I tried to optimize and make my gig well. But no buyer request for my service till now. Maybe it’s because of my poor gig creation.
Can you people suggest any improvements in gigs to get clients for my service?
Note-I have tried promoting gigs on groups but no buyer request obtained, Impressions and views are keeps on incrementing
Link for my gig is -


@cpa37488 you promot your Gig in Socilal media and send buyer request for geting order

try to Active in Fiverr and forum thats it I hope your Success

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thank you aishi168
for your answer

You have to be patient with the process.
Create all the 7 gigs available for a newbie under different categories., this way you have access to more buying request.
Download the fiverr app so that you can be online all the time.
Keep learning on this forum and apply what you learnt to improve you gig
Promote your fiverr account on social media
Hope this helps?


How to send buyers request to promote gigs!

Thank you surely I will try to create 7 gigs as you said and try to promote it

Promote your GIG in social media

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Ok well I am doing it all the day

continue doing those thing i hope you get order ASAP

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I have received five buyer orders and sent my request but I have never received any feedback. Help me

I don’t know how the system works🤔

Are the buyers request specific to any seller?I received buyer’s request but it’s not my topic?

basically feedback depends on client, as a seller no way to force for Feedback