Improvement of gigs


How can I improve my gig to increase sell?


In your "I will remove background of 4 photos in quick time " gig, maybe alter the title a bit so it reads better.
Also, in that gig you say “I will send you in JPEJ or PNJ file format.”. Maybe change it to "JPEG and “PNG”?

In the T-shirt design gig, on the basic package it says “PNJ” (instead of “PNG”).

It might be better to change the gigs from “unlimited” revisions to a lower number.


okay sir thanks so much you mean to say change the unlimited revisons into 3 or 4 revisons ?


You could read this thread on how to optimize your gig for sales as well. Some nice tips there :slight_smile:

PS. Offering unlimited revisions says something about your work… At least to me, it may seem like unlimited revisions is NEEDED because you won’t get it right the first few times. Not saying that is the case, just that this is what I often think when I see a seller offering unlimited revisions.

It also means you could be stuck in a loop with a buyer, providing free revisions for a long, long time. A serious provider of any service will often limit their revisions because 1) they have confidence in their own work, and 2) they will not work for free.

A part of getting a sale is showing the buyer you are serious about what you do (i.e. it’s a professional service/product, meaning you have confidence in your own service and product), and also, no serious professional will ever work for free. Unlimited revisions is basically free work.

I would much rather contact a seller who offers 1 or even 0 revisions, and requires a new order for additional work, because this highlights to me that the person is serious about their work and time.


Yes I’d reduce it to something like that (I’ve got them between 2 and 6 I think), or you could reduce it further to what smashradio is suggesting.


okay sir thanks i am very thankful to you for telling me that changing


You need to promote your gigs in many places on the internet.
In order for them to be sold.
This is a marketing technique that plays a role in selling your gigs