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Improvements for Customer Satisfaction

Fiverr is an amazing creation and idea; however, the customer service needs much improvement.

When people think of Customer Service they think of the people in whom respond to emails asking for help. This isn’t always the case. These people tend to be prompt and do a great job!

Customer service, in my context, is the customers experience when using the site.

I believe that sellers should have limit caps on their service. I believe if their response times are a certain level they should not be permitted to obtain anymore orders.

Fiverr should expect sellers to have a certain level of customer service. It makes Fiverr look bad to have such poor customer service from their sellers.

There needs to be some regulations in place to sell services through the website. Fiverr’s name is all over the sellers… even if they are not directly working for the company.

Greed services a lot of the sellers and it causes them to have poor customer service. I’ve been victim to sellers who will hound me if I leave a review that is not outstanding. They will withhold projects from other gigs if they are not outstanding.

There should be some types of consequences when this happens as it is unethical. “If you do not rate my gig outstanding I will not give you the files” … if you file a complaint you are stuck waiting days for the seller to respond… which ties you up and stops you from getting things done.

This is poor customer service. The Customer is the key to the sites success… not the sellers.

"Fiverr’s name is all over the sellers… even if they are not directly working for the company"
Sellers are independent business who pay fiverr 20% in exchange for using the platform, and thus sellers are fiverrs customers.

Again, they are indirect sellers as well. They are provide services through the portal and considered third party vendors.

Everyone is a customer. Those who use the site in any fashion are a customer of the site.