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Improving 5r Search Algorithms Consequences to Buyers


Yesterday, I was looking to hire some sellers for voiceover (southern male accent) and writing gigs - in particular areas. I’m, actually, quite experienced in searching and filtering for sellers via gig pages.

It was more of a challenge than usual. I got extremely frustrated at the difficulty of finding the right sellers.

I do realize 5r staff is tweaking the site with algorithms and working diligently to fix it. From my side, as a buyer, the filter system made it a bigger challenge than usual. (Sellers, please do NOT post your gigs have disappeared from gig ranking or search).

In the past, using various methods that I’ve honed, I can typically find the right sellers for virtual assistants, writing gigs within the hour, several in fact. Yesterday, I found none.

The sellers that were offering writing gigs were atrocious. This is typical, not a big deal - but they were all on page 1, 2 and 3 (I stopped there). I’m completely lost for words. They had misspelled words, incoherent sentences, gig descriptions were just two or three sentences at best - filter didn’t work. They most certainly weren’t TRS or level 2.

Far as the voiceovers were concerned, at least half on page one had no samples. I won’t speak for every buyer, but I most certainly won’t hire someone without knowing what they sound like.

I tried doing buyer’s request but it’s not getting approved.

This sounds more like a rant, but that is not my intention. I want to make a point that by not correcting the issues at hand few things are taking place.

  1. New, serious, buyers will see 5r platform as an amateur site at best or as a joke. No writer will hire a seller with awful gig and profile description. That’s all they will see on the first three pages and therefore come to the wrong conclusion.

  2. The occasional buyer would be even further frustrated. They are probably wondering why they are having so much trouble this time around. Fact, most don’t read forum where bulk of info seem to come from.

Please do not have hard working sellers, who have built up their reputation as a professional, to be looked upon as anything else.

I was not able to find what I was looking for yesterday. If I gave up after an hour, then a new and inexperienced buyer would have given up long before me.

I highly recommend not tweaking during peak times such as towards the end of the month when most businesses try to finish up and close their monthly sales.



Hear! Hear!..[If you are angry as a buyer, imagine how sellers would feel like] [I haven’t checked the search results in over 3 months, impressions are very low, which means my gigs are sinking…funny thing, April was my best earning month for over a year and May looks good too. So if you want to survive on Fiverr, make sure you have plenty of repeat buyers, which makes search results irrelevant.]


I know they are tweaking some algorithms probably that’s why. It’s frustrating on both ends I was wondering why my sales dropped just found out the reason today.
I hope the new one works.


With this new and improved algorithm, fiverr just destroyed my 4 years sustained work. I have over 8k reviews and for around 2-weeks, max 2 orders in queue in my best day. Yes, I know, in most of other topics, people are telling us, just market yourself and stop crying but If I do market myself with my own money and my own time why should I market myself on other’s platform to give them a cut of my profit? I can easily market myself as my own brand on my own website to take 100% of the earnings right? I mean that’s why I work here to let fiverr do the market and take their cut for getting us clients, right? It has no logic to market yourself and try to convert clients trough Fiverr website. That’s the main issue that other people don’t understand with all this marketing “thing”. In other words, if they will not fix this, I personally won’t market my gig or my brand trough Fiverr since I don’t find it profitable in any way, and they should realize that.


Then you’d have 2 streams of income, and not be relying on just one! Sounds like an ideal solution.