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Improving Gig performance:For new sellers

Performance is major cause in everyone’s gig. if it goes up…Orders begins to come but if performance goes down. Sadness prevails everywhere.
In this topic, I will discuss my experience with fiverr and try to explain some tips that can boost your gigs.
for improving your gig and increase the chances to get order…please ready full article.
Firstly, I’ll explain the basic steps of creating a stunning gigs then explain how to get orders…
1 use the heading of your gig according to the work for which do you create that gig.
2 carefully choose the tags.
3 choose exact category of your work.
4 mention the files,you can provide.
5 try to use very short but attractive description of your gig.
6 your heading’s words should be in your description.
7 write the gig requirements…
8 fill the gallery with the best relative images which show your work.
9 Now publish your gig.
For better understanding you can visit my gigs.

almost everyone create the gig,it is not enough just to create the gig and wait for the order!!!
There are thousands of hundred gigs on fiverr related to your nich. Your have to give your gig a unique identity.
Fiverr has a search engine like google. On this engine, our gigs display. Most hard worker seller come at the first page of fiverr. For increasing your sale you have to work hard to reach at the first page of fiverr.
If you come at the first page by advertising your gig.
This is the major experience that many of the seller do not share with new comers, if you need any type of help you can contact me. I’ll guide further guide you.
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