Improving gig while u're new in fiverr


Hi every one ! i’m Marwen and i’m new in Fiverr .
can any one explain for me how can i promote my gig and get clients?
ps:i’m a good at graphic design.


Perhaps the question you need to ask instead is: Do you know who your target customers are? Do you know who it is that needs your services?

If YOU can answer those questions, then you’ll already know how, and where you need to direct your marketing.

I don’t know who your customer base is, therefore, I cannot tell you how and where to market. YOU are the only person that knows these things, And you are the person that will need to know or learn how to reach out to those customers.

I “am good at graphic design” as well. I design logos myself. But my customer market is not the same customer market as you would have for your graphic design services.

In the end, it all comes down to how much work YOU are willing to do to bring in the people who need your services.


A perfect gig is not the only thing which will bring you sales. There are some other stuff you have to be good at. You should know to market your services, find as many ways possible to get clients.