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Improving my fiverr gig

please could you take a look at my gigs and give me piece of advice to improve it


Great keep doing work and best of luck on fiverr


thank you i will for sure

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Advice from a graphic designer.
The most important thing is to give a professional appearance.
use a more “common” font and make it easier to read.

you put an edge that makes it harder to read what it says. can play you very against…
you can hire someone Like me :slightly_smiling_face:

To make your images much more attractive to get jobs more frequently

greetings and good luck!


A different font would help.

See (IMG) point 2 for details on what to consider, and also consider (PPD) point 1:

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thank you guys for your time and suggestions

  1. Improve your gig.
  2. Add some description in detail what you are providing your expereince why people chose you etc.
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thank u @afzaldesigner78

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Some points that will help your Gig:

1- Better tags, search what people are searching on Fiverr.
2- Most Attractive gig cover image
3- Use proper tags and look for similar gig, just to take inspiration
4- Lastly, have a clear package and gig description!

At the end, it’s all about being patient and trying new things :slight_smile:

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Your welcome @hada01

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thank you @sheikhstudios