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Improving my Graphic Design gig


Any tips from everyone on how to improve my gig. My goal is to get an order everyday eventually. Maybe people could critique my gig as if they were a buyer. Thanks for the help.


You’re on the right path, girl.
However, check the covers of your Gigs. You can search your Gigs and see how they look like among all others.
On the Logo creation Gig:
Logo creation is already overcrowded, you may need to use your covers to make your Gig noticeable.
You have currently a Logo with pastel colors, place it on a background where you can get a more dramatic contrast. If you want to keep it simple and clean, then you may think of using mockups (letters, business cards, signage, etc.)
I would say the same for all the Flyer Gigs.
In general, give your best on your Covers, they are your presentation cards.


Thank you for the great advice