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Improving quality/business, getting higher seller rating

How many 5 star reviews does it take to get 5.0 100% rating. I am 4.9 which I know is good but i want to aim higher. Haven’t had a bad rating in 6 months and all of them have been 5 stars except for maybe 4 or 5 and today someone left 3.9 which is not terrible but they were expecting some kind of hit song that would make it to radio for $5. really…

Anyway i really want to grow and improve my fiverr, i used to make 1,200 POUNDS each month but now its really slowed down and ive only made £535 im doing everything that I always do but now im not making as much money, I thought things were going well now not so much.

Also fyi im not complaining im just looking for advice and help to improve and grow my services/business, i know there is some people who would kill to make £535 a month so im very grateful.!

Dear Shauna:

To answer your question requires more data, specifically your precise ratings, such as
’# 1.0 star
’# 2.0 star
’# 3.0 star
’# 4.0 star
’# 5.0 star

and the specific numbers of other ratings you’ve received, such as the 3.9 star rating you mentioned.

For the sake of simplicity, you need a net rating of 4.951 or higher for your ratings to round up to 5.0 stars (and Fiverr may fudge those numbers a little, so there’s some uncertainty there).

Right now you have 535 reviews for a rounded rating of 4.9.
But is your rating really 4.851 or 4.949, or somewhere in between?

You need only a 4.7 or higher to reach Top Rated Seller status, so my advice is that you stop worrying about rounding up from 4.9 to 5.0, and just keep on keeping on.

At this point, each 5.0 star review will increase your net score by about 0.0002 points, and that will change over time. Each new score under 4.9 means that it would take you longer to round up to 5.0 stars. For example, at this point, a 1.0-star review would lower your overall score by about 0.007 points.

In my humble opinion, it’s just not worth worrying about. Just continue to work in good faith, do your best, and don’t stress over bad reviews.

But to answer your question, the number it takes to raise your score changes with every review. I estimate that by the time you have 1500 reviews, if all the rest are 5.0 star reviews, you may cross the 4.951 threshold to round to 5 stars.

Good luck,

I like a good bit of statistical analysis, and this is a good bit of statistical analysis. Very satisfying.

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