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Improving the account


i am professional Graphics Designer
Can anyone like to send tips that how to improve my account
have a look on the account And please only experts comment

You’re level one seller, and have more than a hundred reviews, I can’t see how you need assistance. It looks like you’ve gotten at least 5 reviews in the past 2 days, and more than likely more than that from people who don’t leave reviews. This section is meant for people who need help, and obviously you DON’T need help.

EDIT: I just realized you have a gig directly meant for tips, first of all, WHY? A buyer can tip you from the order page. Second of all, would that not be in violation of TOS since it’s “farming” five star reviews?

Based on your recent activity. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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first thanks for the reply and So should i remover my tip gig?

I don’t understand please explain again

You are getting sales. Just leave everything as it is.

A Donation/begging for Tips Gig? You are begging for tips and the gig you are offering technically doesn’t have any services at all. Isn’t that against of TOS? I am pretty sure you are breaking a few already.

This is not Patreon, shoppy, or some sort of charity ceremony. You have to actually offer professional services. And Tipping is optional for the Buyers if they are really satisfied with the work. And this gig doesn’t have any work…

thank you for reply i will keep in mind