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Improving the gig


Can anyone tell me 2 things.

First, how do I add a big picture to the top of my gig pages. When I create or edit a gig I don’t see anywhere to get a picture uploaded so it appears at the top of the gig page, but I see lots of others who have it.

Secondly, I heard people talking about having lots of tags associated with there gigs, someone said they had around ten. On my gigs as soon as the fifth one goes in that’s all I’m allowed.

Is it possible to have more than 5?

Thanks in advance



Reply to @kjblynx: Hey thanks, your a very helpful girl.

So the keywords in the description are going to be the same words I use for tags, and other related words then.

I did learn some SEO when I was doing websites last year.

Thanks very much.



The big picture is what fiverr calls a COVER PHOTO. Sometimes I have had problems seeing the space to add it on the Edit Gig page. It turns out I was using SAFARI browser which was the problem. When I switched to CHROME it worked fine.

I have found the best way to get found in search is to use the same keywords in the TITLE, DESCRIPTION and TAGS. If you hit all three categories with the same keywords it usually boosts search rankings. When this didn’t work on a couple of gigs I pointed it out to CS and they manually adjusted it so I got better rankings.

Best of Luck


Reply to @anigrams: Thanks alot friend :slight_smile: