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Improving the suspended gigs after long vacation

Hi.I worked on fiverr from May-Nov 2015 and had steady stream of orders. In Nov 2015 i had to put my account on vacation till Feb 2016. Meanwhile, all my gigs were suspended because my vacation was overdue. Now, after three days of resuming my gigs, the impressions and clicks are as low as they were before i got my first order on fiverr. Despite being a level 2 seller, my gigs impressions or clicks are not improving. So, is there any way to improve them quickly? or will i have to go through the same cycle again?

You will have to do what you did before to build them up again as successful gigs. Remember, while you had your gigs on vacation, they weren’t being seen by anyone. As a result, you’re basically starting at the bottom in regards to promoting them. But good deliveries, great customer service, and many 5-star reviews should bring you back up to where you were before you put your account into vacation mode.