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Improving your Gig: the keywords, friends, the keywords!

Ok, this is 100% successful. I mean: working on the keywords, friends! :+1:

This is what I’ve done on my Gigs, that is anyway important also to focus on skills and important parts of the Gig you want to showcase.

The Title of the Gig has keywords, these keywords must be not “creative” or “random” but very specific to your Gig. If you have a Gig about marketing, use “marketing” and not something else. Got it?

Then use “marketing” in the description of the Gig. Focus on it and explain what it means and how your Gig is related to marketing. Why your Gig is about marketing?

I’ve done this job for all my music Gigs and this improved the statistics in an impressive way. Don’t forget that search engines as well bring customers so it’s important to focus on the keywords.

My last suggestions is in any case to use keywords that are truly related to your Gig. If you prepare eggs use eggs, don’t use vegetables. Hope you understand me.

Using wrongly the keywords has the opposite effect. You ruin completely all your promotion efforts!


I realize your valuable suggestion. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for your advice

very informative Thank you

Really great advice Thank you!