Imressions Rocketing up!


Over 2k impressions over the past 2 days. Thanks Fiverr 3.0!

Honestly, I don’t know which keyword really hit off for me, but business is looking up! Try experimenting with different keywords if your not getting high impressions


I have 8.9K impressions but I’ve only had 2 different buyers, they both bought multiple pieces and gave 5star reviews. How am I not getting more orders?


my page views are going down, so has sales :s


Same problem here Orange. And Safwan, I recommend thoroughly going through your keywords on your gig, they seem to be vitally important


Is there a limit at 500k? It seems a strange number for one of my gigs to be stuck at?


Reply to @bolharr2250: do you recommend any keywords for my gigs?


Too high of impressions isn’t always a good thing, especially if those impressions aren’t converting into sales.


Yeah, one of my gigs got like 8k impressions, but only 1 or 2 sales. I even improved service I offer, and offered more value for money, but unfortunatley that didn’t worked. So there is 2 theories:

  • I’m still not offering something that people would buy
  • That traffic was junk


Reply to @safwan: No, but that sounds like a good gig though :stuck_out_tongue: