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In 60 days,I can not find any order

Very sadly told that i can not find any order and message.Why?any body knows that?


Same to you. I’m here 40 days but don’t find any order.


Please keep patience… Send everyday 10 buyer requrest offer, share your gig on social media… Hopefully you will get order soon…


@rakibul_tushar @dhanmia keep patience…increase activeness, start social media marketing,be more active on the forum, just try & see


Be patient and keep improving your skills. Send at least fifteen buyer requests per day. Moreover, there is no option to stay active in the fiverr forum. And speed up marketing on your social media. Gradually everything will be fine.


Hello… Try to improve your gig’s title by using the right keywords for your niche. Secondly try to stay online using PC. If you have good Impression rate but not clicks, try to change the thumbnail of the your gig. More Importantly keep patience and try to learn new skill in this tenure. I hope this helps you.


Wow, it’s growing!!! :upside_down_face: :rocket:

There is a lot of bad advice in this thread. Read this one instead:


I rarely see Buyer’s requests and never come more than 1. How to send 10 buyer’s requests daily? can you suggest some way?

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Seven days on the site, no orders yet (

Don’t give up, brother. Keep trying. Allah will give you good news very soon Inshallah.

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You will get 10 requests in some specific days not everyday of week, Be connected with the communities, use appropriate terminologies, effective keywords and unique skills are the basic reasons to get multiple orders on Fiverr.
You have to sell your skills and compete your competitors simultaneously.
you will get order be positive and good luck (Y)

Thank you for your reply, it is really motivational.

I think gig preparing is a big thing. We should create our gig in properly. we should use important key words in our gig …

same to you , really hope less

Yes I agree with you

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wait bro…

there are almost all freelancer not enough order because of this is the last month of the year

Check Your Gig and Learn more Knowladge

Don’t worry.
You active Fiverr.
you send buyer’s requests.

I’ve been here for eight days. Reading your reviews, it’s scary to think about what will happen next (