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In a nut shell.. what do you sell? And what do you buy?



I’m curious to know, in a nut shell, what do you sell (quick description pls - no links as we can click on your name to see your shop!) and what do you buy?

I’m interested to see the results and how much they differ (or not) comparing yourself as both a seller and a buyer. For example, I sell fantasy artwork and photo editing. But when I’m buying I look for jewelry and quirky gifts!

How about you?


Hi beckybee!

I’m not a huge buyer as for now, I’ve only got a logo made and some video editing but I plan to order some services in near future in order to enhance my online presence.

As a seller I offer

readings in written using divination cards

readings in recordings

occult practices & sessions

I only have 6 or 7 active gigs as of now but I plan to add some extra gigs in a short while, as I’m getting a Level 1 badge next week.


i sell videogames, i have not found anything to buy that will interest me yet.


I sell weird stuff. :-? I buy…weird stuff. :-bd


Reply to @pearlsant: Well you got my attention… and those zombie magnets are rad!!


Reply to @beckybee:

Thank you, beckybee… :-B


I havent really bought any GIGs yet. My focus is mainly on the sell side and I provide business / entrepreneur documents to people who are interested in starting their own online business.



I’m on Fiverr for a month and a half. I sold at the time I write you 50 Gigs. I propose:

  1. The convertion website, Facebook page, Twitter, … Application in android
  2. Creating icons for android and ios (iphone, ipad)
  3. Creating covers for sociax networks (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube channel, …)
  4. Gigs in other areas of creation and design are underway. :)>-


I sell Testimonial videos and not buyed anything yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Essentially website stuff,like SEO tools,but the one that people seem to like the most is a gig in which i try to hack their wordpress websites in order to check for flaws or vulnerabilities.

BTW,i m now a level 1 seller :smiley:




Voice Over Narration for YouTube, Vimeo, PowToon, VideoScibe & Phone Systems.

Narration styles:

– Casual & Friendly

– Upbeat & Energetic

– Confident & Informative

– Sales Pitch w/ Call To Action


Editing & Audio Sweetening for Podcast, Radio, Web, In-Store, PoS and Spoken Word.

– Remove Breath, Flubs, Bad Takes & Tighten

– Reduce Noise, Increase Volume

– EQ, Compress & Master

Broadcast Quality. 20+ yrs Voice Over, Rock Radio DJ, News Anchor. Multiple Award winning TV Host & Producer. 40+ yrs Business Owner & Entrepreneur. Specialize in Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and Sales.


Video Services, Graphic Designs & Logos, Web Development and Voice Over