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In a single day how many time social sharing is safe for a fiverr account?


For seo our gig how many time sharing is safe for out account on different social media in a day…?



Fiverr doesn’t watch it, but if you do it a lot, it won’t help you. On social media you only self-promote part of the time. No one wants to follow someone who just promotes themselves all the time and doesn’t talk about anything. It’s boring and really annoying.

Fiverr sellers follow me on Twitter all the time and I look at their account and literally all they Tweet is their gig pages, so I don’t follow them back. It shows me they’re unprofessional and aren’t here to have discussions and improve their craft. If you are sharing interesting articles and conversations, I’m much more likely to check out your gig and maybe even contact you about doing work. This is called organic engagement and it’s MUCH more effective than just sharing your URLs everywhere all the time.


On social media you can share your gig as much as you like.