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In Analytics: Earned this month--is that only completed gigs showing?

What is included in Analytics: Earned this month?

1 .Is it both the completed gigs plus delivered (but have not yet reached the completed stage)?

2. Is it only completed gigs?

3. Is it completed gigs, plus delivered but not completed gigs, plus gigs ordered but not yet completed or delivered?

To answer please choose option 1, 2 or 3 to make it simple.

I will answer my own question since either no one else knows or they don’t want to bother.

The answer, after much study by me, is number 2 above.

“Earned This Month” is the total net dollars of orders, by COMPLETION DATE, WITHIN A CALENDAR MONTH.

  • Not Set Delivery Date
  • Not Expected Clear Date
  • Not Cleared Date
  • Not Delivery Date

    Note: Order status can be “Cleared” or “Pending”

So it is the net of all completed gigs. And it can also include the previous month if those gigs did not complete until the current month. Thank you.