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In big trouble! What should I do?

Hi There, I am struggling for next ranking seller. Problem is whenever I close to it someone push me in trouble. For example:

  1. My order completion rate and deliver on time rate was just 2-3 points away from 90%. One buyer place order at my night time (around 2 to 4 AM) without discussion, and he asked for complete order in next 2 hour even I was offline. In the next hour he canceled order may be because I haven’t replied.

  2. One order I completed on time (convert JPG file to HTML) everything was good. He asked me to add original text in page insted of dmmy text. I agreed for that. I was waiting for around 1-2 days for that he not send text. And order marked as ## LATE ##. Even he not responded for 1 day.

Now what’s my fault in that? And when I force someone for complete order, they get irriteted and left bad feedback.

Where I am wrong here?

Can anyone suggest me, what should I do for that?

On your second point: if you did the work you are supposed to deliver it with “deliver button” and from there he can request revisions. Your fault that you misused the system and didn’t follow fiverr guidelines.

On your first point: are you offering 2 hours delivery? If not then he couldn’t cancel the order.
(The only way for him to cancel it is through PayPal chargeback and in this case his profile should be gone and you should’ve contacted support team TOGHT AWAY.


What do you mean? You don’t have any bad feedbacks.

Thank you for your time and response. Actually,

For point 1:

I don’t kept option to deliver in 2 hours. The minimum time is 1 day delivery with extra fast. I saw a message that:


[Name_of_buyer] stated the issue is:
Decided to have another person do the request.

I mean there was not a chance, after morning I saw message direct ##ORDER DISPUTE.

2: I delivered but he " REVISION REQUESTED" once and order was running late.

So one the first one:
If he opened dispute that means that you had to agree to cancel the order. Did you?
If you indeed agreed to cancel then there is no fiverr fault and that can be avoided just communicating with buyer and explaining that they need to have a more valid reason for cancellation and if can’t be avoided then contact fiverr support team to cancel it for you.

On the second: if you sent initial delivery in time it doesn’t matter if it shows late after requesting the delivery it wouldn’t affect your stats anyway.

I think he means his second account. :wink: