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In Buyer Request when you put in an Offer .. the revert from the customer starts with no reference?

Hi Friends,

Have you experienced the same?

Step 1: I put in an offer for a buyer request.
Step 2: The customer messages me and is keen to work with me but … I don’t get the reference of the buyer request and I am clueless about how did I connect with him and where to start?

It is pretty embarrassing at times when you get a message like
“Hey thanks for the offer, but can you please explain your offer in details?”

You really are not aware what was the offer and the conversation might end up losing a valued customer.

Have you experienced it? (Sometimes I have got reference of the offer but many times I didn’t)

Yes, that’s true and I experienced it as well. Sometime, such messages have reference but most of the time the reference is missing.
So instead of worrying about what to reply, quickly copy the buyer’s username, go to Sent Offers, Press Ctrl+F and paste the username there. It will quickly lead you to that request. Then you can review the buyer’s post again and your corresponding response. This doesn’t take me more than a minute and I reply to the buyer perfectly the way he/she expects. :wink:

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Happened to me did the same thing

Thanks Muhammad. This shall be a good idea to work with. I hope Fiverr take a cognizance of this and corrects, it shall save a lot of time for the seller and the buyer too :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right. Let’s see when Fiverr fix it.