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In case you wonder why Fiverr is changing, it looks like they're positioning for an IPO

There have been lots of changes on Fiverr over the last 6 - 7 months - introduction of a new level evaluation system, more marketing of Pro’s, and a realignment of the marketplace.

It looks like this is all designed to make the company more attractive as it looks like they’re moving towards an Initial Public Offering (where they go public on the stock market.)

Clearly they want to be more attractive to investors, which means showing an increase in revenue, creating more repeat demand for gigs, and launching premium services. It also partly explains all of the tests of the platform and changes like greater fees, as they explore variations to drive revenue and profits.

If they go ahead, expect to see more streamlining and a drive towards greater profitability.


So, :thinking: if I bought Fiverr stock, I could be one of your bosses? Heck, I could be my own boss in a different way!


I saw another thread that had a link regarding this. Very interesting and very telling of all the changes. Like you mentioned @paulmaplesden, this would seem to bring clarity to a lot of the questions we’ve had. Thanks!


Hopefully fiverr sellers will be offered initial shares of the IPO before it is available to the public. :money_mouth_face:


Well, maybe not boss but for sure one of the landlords :wink:

You already are your own boss, you’ll add being your own landlord !!! :flushed: :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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I was just looking at my current portfolio (SQ, GRUB, SODA, IQ, UDOW) and was thinking about what IPOs i would like to see happen next year. I’m hoping Qualtrics decides to go public but i might be willing to throw in 1k into Fiverr just to see how it goes.

One thing worth noting here is that if any of the reports are true, Fiverr will start cleaning up house.

A publicly traded company cannot have copyright infringing gigs on its pages making them money.

So be on the look out for a major operation in the coming months where shady gigs will go “poof” repeat offenders banned and scammers will be shown the door.


For the image for the article it seems like they’ve probably taken one seller’s page but changed the name to a different seller that already exists? ie. there’s already a seller with that name but the case is slightly different for the username and that user has no active gigs.

edit: maybe its a totally made up image but happens to use an existing seller’s name

Surely they’d make it easier to report copyright infringement though. And do more if it was reported.
Maybe they’ll hire more staff to check the gigs and copyright issues and copyright issues with some buyer requests.

They will not make it easier for us to report.

They will apply a 1-strike policy to get their house in order and they will need to either invest in staff to manually approve all future gigs, make it harder to post new gigs in certain categories, or both.

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Can a company not based in America be on the NY stock exchange? If not what country’s stock exchange would it be on? I suppose it can be but I’m not sure.


I am already that too! :house_with_garden:


Yes of course there are many international companies listed.

Plus Fiverr has an NYC branch with over 50% of their workforce located there.


Oh !!! I meant on Fiverr… :blush:

EDIT: Weird being the landlord and the tenant at the same time… you will still have to pay the 20% fee :thinking:

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Maybe we can simply pay it to ourselves directly. :grinning:


I agree, I’ll sing in!!! :blush:

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SODA is on the NASDAQ and is headquartered in Israel.

Thank you. I once traded stocks briefly but didn’t know the details how the stock exchange worked.

I don’t think an IPO at the current moment is even remotely a good idea. Considering how many sites have blacklisted Fiverr links I really think Fiverr should focus more on its image a bit more.

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Maybe this is why they are asking for more people to apply for Fiverr Pro.

Also, maybe if they allowed all users/a lot more to do the tests (like some of the translators can do) that would help (and like now the users could choose whether to show the results of the different tests). ie. they could allow all or a lot more categories of tests and allow any user to do them, even if they don’t currently have a gig in the category they do the test in.