In case your "Certification" section is empty 🙂


I came across a few reputable sites recently that offer free online courses. I just completed a few myself and added them to my profile. So, in case the empty “Certification” section of your Fiverr profile is upsetting you, here are some websites to look at:

  • Oxford Home Study College: Earn a free Certificate of Completion in business management, internet marketing, customer service, and a few other fields.
  • Saylor Academy: Earn a free Certificate of Completion in everything from art history and biology to economics and more.
  • Stanford Online: They offer a few free courses, some of which offer a Certificate of Completion.

Obviously, you will need to actually enroll in, complete, and PASS the course to earn your certificate, but it’s all free and it may be worth it to you. :slight_smile:

Online courses *certifications*


This is an excellent suggestion!

I am always taking some kind of class.

I highly recommend this. You can get a certificate in each course or audit it for free:

Learning as much as you can is a very important part of life, whether you get a certificate, or just want to expand your mind. These classes are incredible. Each has a series of videos you can watch if you don’t want to do any reading. If you audit a class no tests are required.


If I’m not wrong students can take part in course for free, but if you want to use the certificate you have to pay $$. Still a worthy money to spend.


Yes and the amount of money you pay is very small, like $50, considering you can get a certificate in a subject from a university like Yale, Stanford, UCLA, etc.

Imagine having several of these certificates to put on your resume here on fiverr, and actually displaying them to potential clients. It would tip the balance in your favor as far as getting orders.


Thank you for sharing! I will certainly be checking some of their courses out. :smile:


I’ve taken Buddhism and Modern Psychology at Princeton, Analyzing the Universe at Rutgers, The Evolving Universe at Caltech, Soul Beliefs, Causes and Consequences at Rutgers, and some other interesting classes I would never get to experience any other way.


This reminded me that I should add my community college diploma to my profile…and for some reason, “Associate” is considered lower than “Certificate”?


If you only have a certificate but not an Associate’s Degree it probably is, but only by you.

Maybe they only have Associate’s Degrees in western countries? :man_shrugging:


I was actually going to make a snide comment about it being a strictly American thing, but decided to do some research first (because I’m a nerd who actually fact-checks before making snide comments), only to discover that the term originates in the U.K. As a Canadian, I’d never heard the term until I worked at a company with mostly American clients.

Regardless, my main point was, the drop-down menu seems to rank certifications in order of ‘prestige’ and puts Associates lower than Certificate. Then again, it puts a law degree above a Ph.D, so I guess I feel a little less judged by whoever came up with the ranking… (or maybe I’m just judging them for thinking a law degree trumps a Ph.D).


I can’t blame you for judging on this one.

If you are going to be putting in place a system for showing seller’s educational accomplishments, it would seem logical to be familiar with the various types of diplomas enough to know how to rank them.

To be fair though, maybe they thought more people would have certificates, and law degrees, so those come first for that reason.
I’m always looking for fairness while I’m judging.

So I was right about Associate’s Degrees being a mostly American, and U.K. thing. So it would make sense that those would be lower, if less people know what they are. And I would be surprised if there are many PhD’s here. So it would be possible they were deliberately ranked so that those which are most common come first.

It takes two years to get an Associates Degree but can be one month to get a certificate, for anyone who cares.


These all sound amazing - I will have to check them out. Which course was your favorite, or surprised you the most?


I took a current anthropology class that was riveting, absolutely makes me want to get another degree in that, and closely after that was the Buddhism and Modern Psychology one. Just riveting also. The quality of the teaching is something I’ve never experienced before in all these classes.

I hope to be taking one in evolutionary psychology soon.


Thanks! I haven’t completed a huge amount of further education, and I am looking for something else to sink my teeth into - I have an interest in Buddhism and psychology, but anthropology isn’t really something I had considered before - I will take a look.


I recommend both but you really need to be familiar with Buddhist fundamentals if you take the Buddhist and Psychology one.