In Customer Support page, green "leave a message" pop up doesn't work


For over a month the little green box on the customer support page where you can have a direct chat or leave a message for support does not pop up when I click on it.
It is broken.

I liked that feature a lot and got some help when I needed it in a hurry.
I don’t know if it is blocked just for me or is broken for everyone.


And you can DIRECT CHAT??:scream:


It might be for TRS, not sure.
Anyway I can’t use it any more.


Maybe @emmaki can shed some light on this or other TRS maybe.


Having a direct chat with CS was super helpful the few times I used it.


When was your last active usage? And can we a have look-see at what you are referring to please.

you could also message me the sc if you do not want to share publicly.


It’s just a little tiny green box in the lower right side of a customer support page.
It says “Leave a message”.

It used to sometimes say something like “Instant chat” on it when it was working and someone in customer support was available immediately to chat.

When I clicked on it a pop up would open. It no longer opens.


Hmm… definitely not a regular option.
I just scoured the CS page, nothing like that is evidently present.


I think (but am not quoting anyone) that it was a trial feature and showed up only on certain accounts. They may have left it working for some “high roller” buyers, but I don’t personally know any sellers who’ve had recent functionality with that.


Thanks, it was wonderful the times it worked.