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In desperate need of 'BLOCK USER' button


I’ve been a member of Fiverr for 3 years, but only recently started selling about three months ago. During this time period, I’ve been abused by buyers who don’t understand exactly how my gigs work, or who don’t speak my language. I’ve had very rude and dishonest people repeatedly order my gigs, either expecting me to work up to 30 hours on a single $5 gig.

An example: I have a user has ordered my gig to create a custom, instrumental song. It’s apparent he doesn’t speak English. He keeps telling me the song has to be better than a Chris Brown song, or he will leave negative feedback. I’ve explained to him multiple times that Chris Brown invests millions of dollars in legions of engineers and producers who invest hundreds of hours into each of his songs. (I’ve explicitly put in my gig description I can only spend so many hours per gig, and have extras set up to allow me to spend more time on a project.) I’m just a 20 year old college student trying to just have enough money to keep myself fed.

I don’t understand why I have to be forced to take time away from my regular, returning buyer’s projects just to meet the outrages demands and expectations of an abusive (and possibly illiterate) buyer who’s threatening me with negative feedback. I feel like this is unfair, and I’ve come across countless threads identical to this one pleading for a simple ‘Block User’ button. The buyer and seller should have equal amounts of power per transaction. The fact that someone can basically hold our accounts hostage and prevent us from doing what we all created our Fiverr account to do in the first place: make money doing what we love.

I’d love for an admin or mod to see this, and possibly pass this message along to the higher-ups who could possibly do something about this problem.

In the meantime, is anyone else having problems like this?


I agree that an ultimatum to produce any work here in a particular way under the threat of negative feedback should be reported to CS. But, (I may be in the minority here) I also think the best way to avoid spending time going back and forth with anyone - buyers or Fiverr CS - is to make offered gigs as streamlined and straightforward as can be.

It is possible to be successful selling creative work (as @emasonwrites does), but I think very few people are skilled and talented enough to earn a livable wage offering those types of gigs on Fiverr.


Seriously though, if a buyer is trying to threaten you with negative feedback in order to get more work for free (or just intends to leave negative feedback no matter how high quality you work is, because he’s just a jerk) that’s something to take to support. It’s an abuse of the feedback system and the system on the whole and they’d don’t take it lightly.

That said, I would also like to have a block button. There are some people that I just don’t want to work with, but don’t take no for an answer. It gets annoying to have to cancel orders from people you told not to order.

I went back and forth with this guy who couldn’t seem to understand that “my turnaround time is in between seven and ten days” meant that he couldn’t get the project he needed finished the day after he ordered. His last message, after I reiterated my turnaround time was, “Well, I’ll just order and you get it to me in the next couple of days.”

solow13 said: You will always find few terrible buyers here on fiverr and in any business,
This is absolutely true, @cyntrix. I fully understand that you want to make money "doing what you love", but in the best circumstances that's incredibly difficult for creative people. On the Fiverr platform it's just about impossible.

Reading your instrumental gig description, it's easy to see that even with the most reasonable and cooperative buyer you're devoting huge amounts of time to each song. I think you'll save yourself loads of aggravation and frustration if you re-evaluate your gigs and come up with a way to offer things that aren't as time consuming and aren't as open to differences of opinion between yourself and the buyer.

Doing what you love is ideal as a career, but with creative pursuits, you have to be very careful not to turn your passion into something you hate because it has to put bread on the table. Again, Fiverr is not a good forum for selling original, creative work. Look into some more arts-centric platforms and try to craft some quick gigs to sell here.

Best of luck to you!


You will always find few terrible buyers here on fiverr and in any business, don’t spend your time with this kind of people, cancel the order and move on also try to understand before the order is placed what are the buyers needs, you’ll learn to understand that someone think to buy the whole world for 5$.


I’m sorry that you are going through all of this cr*p.

I guess a lot of people are trying to take advantage of a young college man who is just trying to do his best. If the buyer messages you before placing the order, you can hit the report button (It’s located at the bottom right corner of the message box) and that will prevent the person from messaging you. It won’t prevent the person from placing orders, though.

If you get another order, I suggest the mutual cancellation. Tell the buyer that you are not willing to spend too much time on a basic $5 gig.( sound nice and polite though!) If the buyer rejects your cancellation request, you can ask Customer support cancel it for you. Attach a screen shot of the messages to prove that this buyer is crazy and over-demanding.

Hope this helps!


I to could go for a Block User button as well :smiley: There are some customers I just want to do work for them once and then hope to never hear from again :smiley:


I realized recently that if they did implement a block (and I hope they do) that you could either customize what it says or make it very neutral. Fiverr has a lot of things that show up for sellers that are worded badly, like you are “ridiculously” late or “unfortunately” the buyer has requested a modification. I’ve had a couple of buyers that were really, really nice people but there are reasons I would rather not take a gig from them again.

If they contact me before they order again I find ways to gently encourage them to go with someone else. If they don’t contact me and just order, though, I really hate to cancel. I wouldn’t mind if the block message said something about me being overbooked or something better than that but wouldn’t hurt feelings when the person wasn’t actually a bad buyer.


Reply to @fonthaunt: So now you want a new feature and you actually want it to work logically too? I like it! You may as well dream big! :slight_smile: