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In desperate need of writing work, any work, any rate


I have been a member of the Fiverr community since May and have written for many clients, in 21 projects during the months that followed. Just before disaster struck, I had even completed a $160 proofreading project for a clients ebook.

And after that, for the next four months I was forced to be offline due to participating in a compulsory residential semester for my university.

I AM BACK NOW AND FOR 18 DAYS I HAVE SENT OVER 100 LETTERS, ALL TO NO AVAIL. I am DESPERATE FOR ANY WRITING WORK, ANY RATE, ANY CLIENT. All my previous clients are on vacation and I’m not getting any new knocks.

Please help me. I beseech you. What am I doing wrong? How do i get work? :sob: :sob::sob:

My gig link:


I sympathize, however, you also need to keep in mind that there are no guarantees on Fiverr. Fiverr does not guarantee sales – to anyone. The fact that you were offline and not accepting sales for four months, probably means that your gig(s) dropped down in the listings (due to inactivity), and because they aren’t as visible now, few people are seeing those gig(s), and, by default, you aren’t gaining as many sales as you once did.

One way to work toward regaining that former visibility is to market and promote your gigs elsewhere. Take the time to reach out to your target customers, and bring them into your gigs. Then, communicate, and convert that traffic into sales.

The other option is to respond to and win buyers from the Buyer Request section of Fiverr. The better your offer, and the closer it matches the buyer request, the more likely it will be that you will win that order.

Whatever you choose to do, the hard facts are that you will need to work hard to both regain your visibility, and make your gigs active and profitable again. And, as hard as this may be to hear, this process is not likely to be a quick one.

Downturns happen. Your determination, creativity, strategy, and perseverance will determine whether or not you can rise back to where you were before you left Fiverr.


Thank you so much jonbaas for your reply. I’m trying my best to get back on my feet and get my gigs viewed again.

It’s just so hard to prove to the buyers that I can write due to my time gap. I’ll keep trying though. Thanks again.


I perused your profile and your bestselling Gig, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Your Gigs generally are well put together, and your samples make me want to purchase from you, which is excellent.

I have a few suggestions though, aside from what jonbass mentioned because he’s covered the matters raised in his post succinctly:

  1. Do not offer unlimited revisions. That’s abuse waiting to happen.

  2. Visibility issues aside, I feel like you can (and should) double the starting price on your bestselling Gig. You have been gone for a while, so you may not know this, but there is evidence to suggest that Fiverr is beginning to shy away from promoting Gigs with a starting price of $5.

  3. I really do not know if that is you in your photo for your bestselling Gig or the “I will write 500 word articles for you on any topic,” but if it is not, consider using photos of yourself? What you look like isn’t really the point; the point is that prospective buyers feel more comfortable with sellers who aren’t afraid to show who they really are. I can tell you right now that there are many (and I do mean many) sellers on Fiverr using photos of other people (which is contrary to Fiverr’s ToS in any event).

Other than that, Buyers’ Requests will be your best bet for putting yourself back on the map. Almost everything else appears to be in order, so it is just a matter of patience and diligence on your part before you resume receiving the sales you clearly deserve.


Hang in there. Keep working, keep experimenting, keep trying. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestions jonavibrown. I used to keep my starting price at $10, but when orders stopped coming in I decreased it back down. Will definitely keep your suggestions in mind and change the gig photo too (you’re right that’s not me :stuck_out_tongue: )


In my experience, online job depends on three things; Unlimited Patience, Time, and Quality work. Good luck!:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I’ll definitely keep trying and keep your suggestions in mind.