In fiverr luck can work otherwise no one can help


In fiverr luck can work otherwise no body can help you. Its my personal opinion.


people have been giving you advice. What they won’t do is doing the work for you.

Read the TOS, the Fiverr Academy (all of it), tighten your gigs and work on tags/keywords. Market outside of forum. Do only gigs you’re good at and have the maximum number you can have to better spread yourself around. Do buyers request every day with applications that are designed solely for that BR and not a copy/paste job.

And above all, have patience.


I use buyer request option but fiverr permanently restricted my previous id. Where i done many projects. I will never use again.


well they don’t restrict IDs unless there’s something going on there. I’d suggest you read up on the TOS and make sure you aren’t doing anything that fiverr wouldn’t want you doing so you don’t get this account banned too.


Where i will search TOS rules on fiverr?



and then here:


Thanks for your cooperation :wink:


Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose. — Ralph Emerson


Luck is when your Gig is visible in the sustem = 90% of Luck

Your Gig can be the very best one, BUT nobody will see it if the system keeps sinking it (for a while).
No need to bother about improving it - simply because nobody will see it in the search.
Better to spit on unlucky Gig and to create something new. :slight_smile:

PS. SEO 4 Gigs doesn’t exist.



@yurymuzlanov: Now, I think it’s about time you spurned this line of thought. Keeping it on your “moaner’s thread” is one thing, but you’ll make newbies become too pessimistic by spreading it around.



Do you know what does it mean IMHO ?


IMHO: In my honest opinion. No?


You can check my gig and its already strong. I use every method for luck but unfortunately… :grin::grin:


Have you answered your 10 buyer requests every day?
Have you made videos and put them on YouTube to advertise your gigs?
Have you started a Twitter feed to advertise your profile?
Have you created a Facebook fanpage for each gig?
Have you used up all of your 7 gigs that you’re allowed as a newcomer?

If not, then you haven’t used every method - you are relying on luck. :wink:


When I came here I made the mistake to message someone asking for tips. The person was very disrespectful and boisterous about me making contact. It was a huge turn off. Most here are not accommodating it is a ‘dog eat dog’ world here. Just do as much as you can and pick up on the tips shared here.


Everyone’s more than happy to help on the forum, but messaging other users that you don’t know is very much frowned upon, particularly if you message via as it counts against response time.

If you want to ask a question on the forum, please do - many will be happy to help you I’m sure! :slight_smile:


you have to share your gig on social media too to get more traffic :slight_smile: