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In just one week i got to level1 but suddenly stopped getting orders, i need advice!


Ok I’m new to fiverr,

In just one week I got to level 1 but it all suddenly stopped, no more orders, I keep refreshing to no avail hoping to see a new order, please I need Advice, I put up these gigs even with freebies and extras and my delivery is fast, I really need some help, please check out my gigs and give me helpful tips, anyone who has got some experience can also share!


Just keep promoting your gigs. I am sure orders will come again. There are going to be days, sometimes even weeks with very little to no orders… but then there will also be days/weeks with many! :slight_smile: Just a part of Fiverr.

Good luck!


Did you at any point in time suspend any of your gigs, that might be one of the causes.


Same Here kindly tell me how to increase sale on fiverr