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In Love with an Akita Named Hachi-ko


Got your attention :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Don’t know where this belongs… and tried to put up a wanted gig on the Fiverr site already. No hits on this very unusual request. Well frame it or flush it, lol. :frowning: I’m a dog lover and have owned em since birth :slight_smile: I am looking for someone who lives in Tokyo near the Shibuya Station train station who would be willing to take high quality photos of the Hachi-ko statue, the painted paw prints inside the station, the akita painting in front of the station, the bronzed paw prints on the very spot where Hachi died, the dog’s remains (in a museum), and the monument to him and his owner (that’s the only things I know of so far) and also help me find and purchase a mini-statue of Hachi. Anyone’s help is appreciated. Thanks in advance,



Thanks guys! The private messages were great! Awesome pics! Although we have not found the bronze paw prints nor the statues yet… they are perhaps simply myth :frowning: