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In mobile app, make templates available for buyer requests

Hello :wave: I’m a new seller and so I’ve been actively working with buyer requests.

Each time I put in a request- I need to copy and paste a description and add all the info manually.

With “create an offer” in messages- it’s much easier to just pull up a template and change things here or there.

It would be great if this could be the same for buyer requests- and we could just pull up a template and adjust small things here and there to suit the request. :grinning: :+1:

Also- within buyer request there is no place to enter the word count. Only a tick box for “additional words” but no where to enter the amount. That would be a great addition as well.


Question: You use both ‘request’ and ‘offer’, so does that mean you are using as both a buyer and a seller?

On the seller-side, just make a document outside of Fiverr and save it to your desktop. Yes, a template within Fiverr itself could be handy, but it puts too much risk on Fiverr. For non-native speakers, having a template would circumvent a lot of the need to have good communication skills. Especially in the writing category.

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That second one, specifically, was looking for a writer. If sellers had provided templates, it would have been much harder sorting out who might actually be able to do the job.

On the buyer side, I’m not sure I see the use of templates as a brief is usually too unique to be able to use a template.


I am leaning to OP being a seller. I agree though, would love to see that option on BR! Although I barely use BR. :sweat_smile:


Only seller-
In seller messages (in the phone app) there is a “create offer” option and you can access a template with all the description text and all info populated from when you created the template.

In the buyer request area- there is only the option to pick the gig- but the description of the offer is not populated yet and you have to manually copy and paste something or write it right then.

It would be nice to be able to access your pre populated templates from a buyers request

Interesting. I did not know that mobile offered a template offer.

So, your suggestion isn’t that there should be a template, it’s that the template already in mobile should also be available in desktop? Is this correct?

(Also, thank you for clarifying. So as to explain my confusion: Buyers make requests, Sellers make offers on those requests. You stated in your OP “Each time I put in a request…” which implied that you were also a buyer.)

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Having templates in desktop would be great too! -but my suggestion is to have the existing mobile app templates also be accessible from a mobile app buyers request- which they currently are not.

Sorry, but I’m confused. If there are not BR offer templates already, then what existing templates are you talking about? (Could you provide a screenshot?)

So here is the place to add/edit templates in the mobile app

If you click it- you can add as many offer templates as you can think of.

When you are in a message with a buyer- there is a create offer button

When you click it- it brings you to the place to chose your gig. At the top right there is a small icon that leads to your templates

It’s great and it saves a lot of hassle when working from a phone.

However when looking at buyers requests in the mobile app- you click “send offer” -and you can only pick a gig and fill in all the info manually - there is no icon to access templates

Thank you for proving the screenshots.

So, we’ve got four locations here. Mobile messaging, mobile BR, desktop messaging, and desktop BR. The templates are set up for mobile messaging, and none of the other three.

You would like to see templates usable in the mentioned three areas, correct?

I’m happy to have templates in as many places as possible- but specifically, in the mobile app under buyers request.

Thank you for clarifying. Last clarification:

These are all user-made templates, correct? Fiverr does not provide any, and it’s up to the user to do the work to build them, correct?

If so, and now that I know what you’re suggesting, I can agree that it would be a nice implementation. And not just for mobile. But I can see why that would be a greater upgrade in UX for mobile.

I’ll add it to my list.

BR fix-it list, WiP

Bring the Buyer Request feature out of beta!
The Buyer Request section needs a fair bit of work (things to fix/add BR):

  1. a [report] option (buyer and seller side),
  2. keep <br> formatting (buyer and seller side),
  3. insert both original request, attachments, and original offer in chat if buyer contacts seller (buyer and seller side),
  4. auto-expiration of old offers and/or option to set an expiration and/or option to withdraw old offers (buyer and seller side),
  5. a [shortlist] sorting option, not just [remove offer] (buyer side),
  6. an option to set a hidden price range, that will automatically reject offers outside it (buyer side),
  7. (conditional, if 6) if an offer is auto-rejected by the system, half the offer slot is then returned to the Seller (seller side),
  8. fix losing all typed text if accidently click out of window (seller side),
  9. a dynamic-sizing AND/OR better sized text-entry box (seller side),
  10. make ‘templates’ (like available in mobile messaging) an option (seller side),
  11. desktop visibility for all uploaded files from buyers (seller side),
  12. [confirm] when [remove request] is clicked (seller side),
  13. update/change error message to reflect when a buyer withdraws their request (seller side),
  14. ‘milestones’ offer option above a certain price point (seller side),
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Yes- in the mobile app the seller has the option to come up with as many offer scenarios as they want. It cuts down on copy/paste confusing errors if you’re in a hurry too. Plus it’s hard to type all that manually from a phone.

And to your point- I can definitely see the value in having offer templates within desktop messaging and buyer requests as well.