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In my GIG have impression but no click and orders

In my GIG I have impression with few clicks but there is no orders. How can I get Click and Orders for my GIG.


You do realise that you can get “clicks” only if people are interested enough with your image and title and only then they click on your gig to check it out in detail.

If people don’t click on your gig then you need to change something to make it more attractive.


Your impressions come from buyers seeing your gig on the search results. Something is stopping them from clicking on your gig and taking the next step. Maybe it’s your price, maybe it’s your gig title, maybe it’s the gig image/video, or maybe it’s the clarity of what you’re offering. Either way the competition is offering something better in one or more of those aspects, which in turn is keeping you from getting clicks and orders.


Thanks for your valuable advice. But I followed so many GIG’s. Now how can I improve my GIGs

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Thanks! I also feel the same

I haven’t even looked at your gig so I can’t tell you. That’s up to you to figure out through trial and error.

It would have been better if you have shared your gig with us. I cant give you an advice without looking at your gig

here is my fiverr profile link:

Impression is just a number. You should count on click on your Gig. If Client Click on your Gig you have chance to get order.

try active and share your gig in different social media.

Hope clicks and orders increase on your ID.

Happy Freelancing


create gorgeous thumbnail image

Same Here. I have a FIVERR account a long time ago but somehow any reason it damaged. now I Create a new FIVERR account but here is no order… I feel bad.


It’s a good thing you have impressions at least. That means your gig will be listed on search results and listings. Now you have to work on improving the gig. Create an attractive gig image with a good titles. Analyze the top gigs of the same category to determine a good title. If possible add a video as well. This will improve your click rate. Let me know if this works for you. The next thing you have to work on is converting your clicks to orders.

Hi @coder_gazi
I am a new seller here
I think you should do these things
keep patience
Make sure your thumbnail and description are appealing
Active Fiverr
Give your skill tests
Target some specific audience
Read forum
Send buyer request
Response buyer quickly
Thank you
Best of Luck for your freelancing career.

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Share your gig on social media. Let more and more people know about your services. Hope this will help a lot.

Welcome to fiverr, I think buyer request is great effective method for get first order,

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