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In Need of Improvements


Please look at my following gigs and let me know where I can improve. I’ve had 4 sales in my first month, but I’d like more and am using my allotted 10 Buyer Requests per day, yet not getting any jobs from that area, so I’m thinking it must be the gigs themselves…Thank you.


(It’s partly my headphones but) I just compared your gigs to some of the VO folks I’ve bookmarked.
You sound somewhat thin and distant as if you’re recording from across the room. And I remember reading the advice to you to use a photo slideshow instead of an actual video. … you have one cool photograph in there. The rest is either blurry or (seemingly) taken with the same camera you used to record the videos with. I don’t think this was the gist of that advice :wink:


Thank you for that; I’ve actually rerecorded the vocals, but haven’t updated them yet, due to using the gigs in response to several BR. I guess I can sacrifice a few days’ worth of BR requests if I need to while waiting for my video and audio to update…Also, my previous videos were of me actually talking to the camera, so I thought changing to a slideshow of myself might be better. Do you recommend pix of books or a script or a mic until I can get a better camera?


I agree with @idostuff74

I am sorry to say that but the quality sounds terrible. You have a lot of distortions in your recordings. It sounds like you recorded it with your laptop?

I would recommend to ditch the video for some of your gigs (except the one for your funny voice).

Go with an image or a slide show. Record some awesome samples with your mic and make a demo reel showcasing some of your styles.

Check out some toprated sellers in your category to get a view ideas.

Good Luck :wink:

Edit: Also, it would be ideal to have a different image for each of your gigs.


Thank you, annai80. I’ll be going to the studio in a few days, so perhaps I’ll re-record everything while I’m there.


Do you have a current gen smartphone at your disposal? That should do. But in good light. It’s spring outside, use it! :slight_smile:


I do! Just got a new phone after tax refunds, so it’s less than a month old…I hadn’t thought to use it because recording on previous smartphones was bad, but this one does seem to be better. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for sharing this types of information