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In need of interpretation

hi guys

i need one to explain to me that how some gigs has only 1 review and be in fiverr search page 1 of high rating

if you open fanpage search you will find about 10 gigs has only 1 review and be in the page 1 of high rating

i Noticed that all this gigs are has a link title different from gig title

i also Noticed that they make a gig of graphic and the make a good review on the gig and after that they change it from graphics to facebook likes or twitter follower or instgram likes

please check fanpage search of high rating and then open the gigs when has 1 review or 2 in the first page and the you will Noticed that all this gigs has a different link from gig contain


Fiverr tends to randomly put gigs in the top of searches. It seems like it’s a shuffle. Great especially for new people.

If it has one high rating, I guess that the gig is highly rated?

Not sure I understand. You can’t change, or at least i don’t think you can, the name of a gig to something other than what it originally was and keep whatever reviews the prior gig got. From experience, I have only one review and high rating because I had only one sale; it came from a gig I no longer offer.

The search results/criteria differs daily so try not to read too much into them; the algorithm is off as well.

PS: Don’t post same topic to multiple forums. It will cause it to get flagged as spam.

mia2015 said: i Noticed that all this gigs are has a link title different from gig title

Link titles are created when a gig is first created. It isn't uncommon for people to edit their gig titles later but the link title always stays the same. The reviews still stick as far as I know although if someone changes up the gig so much that the reviews don't reflect what it is it would probably get deleted by Fiverr when noticed. I don't think it has anything to do with how it shows up in results. I think @landongrace must be right about some shuffling and @topaz_muse is right about not reading too much into them. What shows up on those pages has always varied in my experience.

Focus on your offer, your thumbnail, and video. I just unpaused my white board gig and received an order within 24 hours. People get tired of reading and they look for thumbnails that stand out. Focus on services that will easily be repeat customers. After you start having regulars, you won’t need the search traffic as much. I have a customer that keeps, sometimes, 20 $30.00 orders in my queue. You also won’t spend as much time showing new people how you work.