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In need of interpretation

hi guys

i need one to explain to me that how some gigs has only 1 review and be in fiverr search page 1 of high rating

if you open fanpage search you will find about 10 gigs has only 1 review and be in the page 1 of high rating

i Noticed that all this gigs are has a link title different from gig title

i also Noticed that they make a gig of graphic and the make a good review on the gig and after that they change it from graphics to facebook likes or twitter follower or instgram likes

please check fanpage search of high rating and then open the gigs when has 1 review or 2 in the first page and the you will Noticed that all this gigs has a different link from gig contain


Yeah that confused me at first as well. I have noticed they may rank higher even though they don’t have many reviews for various reasons. They may offer a gig with a title closely matching what people serch for. Another is there profile may have a high rating from their other gigs which puts them more in the spotlight. I imagine their are more reasons but these are a few. Hope this was helpful and all the best to you with your gigs. :slight_smile: