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In need of Orders

It’s being months since i joined Fiverr had my first order after a long time but the are really taking long time to come. Is there a way to get orders faster?

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Have you gotten any reviews yet? Are you in a competitive field of work?

There are so many different factors involved here - there’s no real sure fix. Make sure your gig looks tidy and visually appealing, make sure your gig description is clear, and try responding to some buyer requests to get a few good reviews in.

It took me about 3 months to get a steady stream of orders going. Hang in there!

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Hello Okeoma22,

Your offer is very specific, I think most people don’t even know what a GIS analyst or digital mapping services are.

Do you have other skills that might be interersting for people who have no need for cartographic services?

Best regars from cloudy Germany,
Raimund Bauer :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply well I’m still working on some other skills though GIS generally is quite popular

Thanks for the suggestions but the buyer requests I see are not related to my field