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In need of some advice regarding Seller cancellations

I’m a seller here on Fiverr that offers an editing service for $5. How my service works is I’ll edit a video for that low price up to 10 minutes, compile it to a 720p HD quality, and have it delivered in 2 days. Now, I have a buyer who has been sitting on his order for 4 days without giving me the required materials to do the job. Today, he starts the clock with a note stating that he’ll give me the material over the weekend. I only have 2 days. The time remaining is 1 day and 19 hours left.

What is the best method to handle this particular situation without receiving negative feedback or rating?

Thanks in advance.

First of all you should write your buyer telling him/her exactly what you told us and stating that intructions/material must be given when the order is placed, not later!

If you don’t have luck with this, unfortunately everything you could do can have a bad end for you:

  • You could deliver an empty order to stop the countdown, but not only this is against Fiverr TOS, but your buyer could leave a negative feedback

  • You could contact Customer Support, but they probably answer that you must communicate with your buyer

  • If your time is running out and your buyer doens't answer, you can contact Customer Support asking to cancel the order, but cancellations always count against the seller

  • If your time is running out and your buyer doens't answer, you could request a mutual cancellation: if buyer accepts it funds are returned to him/her and your cancellations tally raises; if buyer refuses cancellation then you can watch previous points...

Request a mutual cancellation, at least it stops the clock.

If your buyer gets back to you with the material 2 days later he or she can simply decline the cancellation and send you the material and you still have time to do the job and deliver.

This worked for me a few times already without having my cancellations tally raised or having risked late delivery.

I think it is the best or even only chance to get out of this unharmed…

Good luck:-)